Shop @Home - April 10, 2021

Saturday, April 10, 2021

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9:00am - 3:15pm
All hours are in Pacific Time

Get Inspired By Fun Products!

Are you ready to Play and Shop @home! Join us as Expo Dave, Vickyville & Scrappy Boy Sean fill your day with fun activities, sponsored presentations, and plenty of shopping. Your day would not be complete without the latest crafting news, hot topics and fun interaction with others through YouTube & Facebook! So grab a few snacks and come hang out with us and Play!

Virtual Vendors, Show Specials & Schedule

We have an amazing line up just waiting to create and inspire you with the latest products, demo’s and yes…SHOW SPECIALS! Check out who’s dropping by and plan a fun filled day with your favorite PEEPS!

Special Expires:  Friday, April 30, 2021

Coupon Code:  APRIL21
Special Expires:  Friday, April 30, 2021

Special Expires:  Monday, April 12, 2021

Special Expires:  Thursday, April 15, 2021

Special Expires:  Saturday, April 17, 2021

Fun & Games!

Our hosts are all about having fun and interacting with others. We have plenty of crafty games to keep you searching high and low! Join in or hang back and watch; this event is filled with prizes, fun and some good laughs.

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Let's Play Bingo
  • Phone A Friend

Our glitter is shining, Our glue guns are blue, Let's get into our craft rooms and Look for some clues!

Are you ready for a fun scavenger hunt? Get out your favorite headlamp and your cute crafty suitcase, and let’s get to exploring right from home. HERE’S HOW TO PLAY.

  • You will need the Crop @home Schedule of Events.
  • Look for “Scavenger Hunt” times listed on the schedule.
  • Pay close attention as your hosts will be calling out items for you to find.
  • Make sure you take a picture of all the items gathered on your hunt.
  • Hunters who gather all of the items are eligible to win.
  • A winner will be chosen at random and posted on Monday following the Event.
  • Guests can enter to win below on Saturday between 4pm – 6pm

Treasure hunting stories are always better when there is a treasure at the end!

Ahoy my treasure hunters! Are you ready to find some hidden treasure as you play-crop @Home with us? No map is needed for this fun treasure hunt, just some special instructions. HERE’s HOW TO PLAY…

  • You will need the Crop @home Schedule of Events.
  • Look for “Treasure Hunt” times listed on the Schedule.
  • During these times, our hosts will give you special clues & items that you will need to keep track of.
  • At the end of the event you will be able to submit your Treasure hunt findings to the captain of our @Home ship.
  • A winner will be chosen at random from those who have all the correct hidden treasures listed.
  • We will announce the winner on Monday following the Event.
  • Guests can enter to win below on Saturday between 4pm – 6pm

♪♪ B-I-N-G-O…B-I-N-G-O ♪♪

Get out your marking devices-it’s time to play BINGO @Home Crop style that is. We are putting a twist on this popular family fun game for all to play and enjoy. No need to search for B13 as our numbers will coincide with craft related items! We even have a “free space” or two…just in case you’re in a pinch! HERE’S HOW TO PLAY.

  • You will need the Crop @home Schedule of Events.
  • Look for “Bingo” times listed on the schedule.
  • Your hosts Expo Dave & Vickyville will pull numbers from the Bingo Cage.
  • Each number will represent a crafty item (which our hosts will convey to you).
  • Once the items are called out during the scheduled times they will not be repeated!!!
  • If your host draws a Free Space, you will need to create a crafty “CARD” with the words Free Space.
  • You will need a total of 20 items to submit your entry to win.
  • Once you have 20 items, (which may include one of more of the Free Spaces) you will submit one photo with all your items.
  • Each player who submits their photo will be entered into a random drawing for some great prizes.
  • We will announce the winner on Monday following the @home Crop Event.
  • Guests can enter to win below on Saturday between 4pm – 6pm

Hold On! I have To Take This Call…it’s EXPO!

Is that your phone ringing? Guess who’s calling? It’s one of your @Home crop host calling you LIVE during our @Home crop event! If you are one of our lucky winners…we may just call you LIVE! See below on how to participate.

  • You will need the Crop @home Schedule of Events.
  • Look for “Phone A Friend” times listed on the schedule.
  • Keep your phone handy and await to hear from us!
  • Guests can enter their Phone Number below to Win Prizes starting 24 hours before the event. Phone numbers will be accepted until 1pm the day of the event.

Crafters Challenge

Get your creative hat on, tape runners ready and sharpen those trimmers…its time to create together! From Pages of Time to your Bucket List, there is something for everyone. Challenges are held every two hours, so you can participate in ONE or as MANY as you Like! How competitive are you?

  • 9:00 am
    Challenge #1
  • 11:00 am
    Challenge #2
  • 1:00 pm
    Challenge #3


What makes a special lady in your life the MOM in your life? This could be a grandma, aunt, sister, special friend or your mom. We all cherish those special MOM memories with the special someone. The person who is always there to help and hold you or just to listen. There are many different moments that brings out the MOM in us. As you see on TV today we are all turning into our parents like mom with what we do or how treat others. Show us that special mom moment in a picture, and scrapbook page, maybe its in a special item that your MOM made and you have to cherish. Simple take a picture of your items to salute the MOM in your life.


Where’s Dad now? Gone Fishing maybe or maybe he is cleaning out the garage…well I am guessing the fishing! Das have that special way of trying to stay out of trouble and do the right thing around the house. Just like Moms have Dads have that great escape place as well to do what he wants to do to a degree. Does your dad get “He Time”? Well let’s give dad a break and show him how much we care about him. Share a special scrapbook page or picture of you highlighting your Dad, Grandpa, Brother, Uncle or special boy friend having a good time doing what he likes to do. Remind him that we want to see that picture of that HUGE fish that got away that he is always talking about. We want to see the proof of these stories we call tall tales.


Do you have that special green thumb we all talk about from time to time. Do you have an amazing spring flower garden? Maybe you have some amazing house plants that you have talked to and grown for years. Maybe you just love to have a beautiful flower arrangement for your living or dining room. And don’t forget about those great vegetable gardens we get all of those great veggies from. If you have one or more of these send us a picture and share the beautiful of the earth. If you do not have access to gardening in any way….a picture of a flower or veggie stamp will get you into this challenge as well. Happy Growing!!

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Prize Drawings

Each of our @Home events includes chances to win many fabulous prizes from our sponsors. Prize Packages will be updated as we receive information from each presenter. Prize page will be complete within 24 hours of the event. Just enter once and you are in the drawing for all the Prizes below.

Register to Win Additional Prizes

Would you like a chance to WIN? When you purchase any "Crop Registration" eligible item, you are automatically entered to win additional Prizes!  The more items you purchase the more entries you receive.  Prizes will be given away throughout the event, as well as a Grand Prize at the end!  Prize Entries are valid for all "Crop Registration" items purchased until 1pm the day of the event.

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